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Citigroup is an American banking and financial services holding company. It provides banking and lending services, corporate finance, as well as securities transactions and asset management to individuals, corporations and public institutions. Citigroup, or Citi as more widely known, was formed in 1998 by the merger of the banking institution Citicorp and the financial corporation Travelers Group. The corporation has currently more than 200 million clients in 139 countries worldwide and more than 2,000 banking offices in 5 continents.

Until the financial crisis of 2008, Citi was the largest bank and company by assets in the world, with more than 356,000 employees. It was, also, a primary dealer in US treasury securities, with the largest financial service network in the world. Now, Citigroup operates through two main divisions; Citicorp, which deals with retail sales and investment banking and Citi Holdings, which offers brokerage and management services. It is one of the Big Four banks in the US, along with JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Number of employees: 244,000

Year of establishment: 1812

Headquarters: New York, United States

Official site: www.citigroup.com

Key Financial Indicators and Ratios
Income: 4.77
Dividend: 1.28
Dividend procent: 1.73
EPS (ttm): 5.18
EPS next Y: 5.93
EPS next Q: 1.48
EPS this Y: 5.32
Sales Q/Q: 0.0
Információ a cég részvényéről
Market Cap: 196.11
Short Ratio: 0.02
Avg Volume: 15471100
Volume: 7578500
Perf Week: -3.63
Perf Month: -7.12
Perf Quarter: -0.47
Perf Year: 24.57
Perf YTD: -0.47
Prev Close: 73.50
Price: 74.17
Change: +0.67