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General Motors Company

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General Motors Company is an American automobile corporation that develops, manufactures and markets cars, crossovers, trucks and vehicle parts across the wide. Currently, GM, as it is commonly referred to, owns thirteen automotive brands: Chevrolet, Opel, Vauxhall, Cadillac, Alpheon, Buick, GMC, Holden, HSV, Baojun, Wuling, Jie Fang and UzDaewoo.  In addition, it provides car financing services and leasing for used and new cars, through the General Motors Financial Company Inc.

General Motors manufactures automobiles in 37 countries and does business in more than 120 countries around the world. The company was leading global car sales for 77 years until 2007 - longer than any other car manufacturer - and is now among the largest automakers by sales in the world.  In 2009, GM went bankrupt and closed a number of brands, but was soon restructured with the help of the US government. In 2010, the newly organized GM made an IPO, which was one of the top 5 largest in history, and returned back to profitability.

Number of employees: 219,000

Year of establishment: 1908

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, United States

Official site: www.gm.com

Key Financial Indicators and Ratios
Income: 1.471
Dividend: 1.520
Dividend procent: 3.410
EPS (ttm): 5.752
EPS next Y: 5.860
EPS next Q: 1.530
EPS this Y: 6.300
Sales Q/Q: -0.127
Információ a cég részvényéről
Market Cap: 62.81
Short Ratio: 2.220
Avg Volume: 12733300
Volume: 11327559
Perf Week: 5.7
Perf Month: -0.61
Perf Quarter: 5.06
Perf Year: 16.88
Perf YTD: 5.06
Prev Close: 42.980
Price: 43.105
Change: +0.125