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Google Inc.

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Google Inc. (GOOG) is an American corporation operating in the field of internet-related products and services, including search, cloud computing, software and online advertising. The company’s profits are mostly derived from Google AdWords.

Google develops a wide range of products beyond the core search engine, such as the Gmail online service, the Google Docs office suite, the Google Drive cloud storage service and the Google+ social network. It also manufactures a range of desktop products, including applications for web browsing, editing photos and instant messaging. Google develops the Android mobile operating system and the Chrome OS browser. The company has also moved into the communications hardware arena, partnering with leading electronic manufacturers.

In 2013, Alexa.com ranked google.com as the world’s most visited internet site, while many local Google sites and Google-owned sites, such as YouTube and Blogger, rank in the top one hundred.

Number of employees: 52,000

Year of establishment: 1998

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Official site: www.google.com

Key Financial Indicators and Ratios
Income: 3.979
EPS (ttm): 27.5930
EPS next Y: 41.2800
EPS next Q: 9.2600
EPS this Y: 31.9700
Sales Q/Q: 0.335
Információ a cég részvényéről
Market Cap: 712.10
Short Ratio: 2.0700
Avg Volume: 1350640
Volume: 1075471
Perf Week: -8.47
Perf Month: -12.45
Perf Quarter: -1.66
Perf Year: 24.11
Perf YTD: -1.66
Prev Close: 1016.6400
Price: 1027.7476
Change: +11.1075