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Starbucks Corporation

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Starbucks Corporation is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, with 21,160 stores in 63 countries. Starbucks Coffee, as generally known, sells espresso-based drinks, hot and cold beverages, coffee beans, instant coffee, teas, as well as hot and cold sandwiches, pastries, snacks, ice creams and items, such as coffee makers, mugs and glasses.

The American company is also engaged in the sale of goods, bearing the Starbucks trademark through other channels, as well as through the company itself. The company’s portfolio includes brands such as the premium Tazo teas, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Torrefazione Italia coffee.  The company also markets music, books and films, through the Starbucks’ Entertainment division and the Hear Music brand.

Number of employees: 182,000

Year of establishment: 1985

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Official site: www.starbucks.com

Key Financial Indicators and Ratios
Sales: 5.374
Income: 0.688
Total Liabilities: 6.96
Dividend: 1.00
Dividend procent: 1.81
EPS (ttm): 1.98
EPS next Y: 2.35
EPS next Q: 0.58
EPS this Y: 2.06
Sales Q/Q: 0.115
Információ a cég részvényéről
Market Cap: 79.52
Short Ratio: 1.98
Avg Volume: 9213850
Volume: 4703101
Perf Week: -1.63
Perf Month: -4.87
Perf Quarter: -4.01
Perf Year: -4.13
Perf YTD: -4.01
Prev Close: 54.84
Price: 55.07
Change: +0.23