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Deposit/Withdrawal of Funds

TeleTrade offers high standards of security and reliability. If you have any questions related to depositing/withdrawing funds, please contact us, you may also read our Deposits & Withdrawals Policy.

Please note that third-party deposits and withdrawals are prohibited. According to our policy all clients should deposit funds from bank accounts/cards/e-currency accounts which are registered on their name. All losses associated with third-party payments will be imposed on client.

Depositing funds

TeleTrade bank account details are only available to registered users via their Client Login.

We accept payment in all currencies. Payment based on your preferred currency can be credited to your trading account in Euros or US dollars, as you wish, according to the exchange rate at the time funds are received.

To deposit funds:

  1. Log onto your Client Login
  2. Select deposit of funds
  3. Choose a convenient method
  4. Specify the amount you wish to deposit
  5. Enter the details of the selected method in point 3 (withdrawal only), i.e. the details of your bank account.
  6. Please remember the unique number of your application – you may wish to print this.
Please note:
Before you transfer money to the bank to replenish the account, you must create an application in your Client Login and get the TeleTrade bank account details: these must only be used to deposit funds. Please follow the instructions and print off or save then information received when making your application.

Withdrawing funds

You can withdraw funds from your trading accounts either to your bank account or another TeleTrade trading account.

Please note:
Funds can be withdrawn from your trading account only at your personal request. You need to complete the application for funds withdrawal in the Page. Provided the funds requested are available on your account, the money will be transferred to your bank account in accordance with the time frames stipulated in your contract with us.

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